Atomic Swap

Use the C( )MIT software to trade cryptocurrencies on the internet peer-to-peer. Because it uses atomic swaps you do not need to use an exchange or trust the other party - your funds are safe at all time


For Developers

C( )MIT is built with developers in mind. You can integrate C( )MIT in your own software or use its powerful API to create new cross-chain applications.

JavaScript SDK
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Cross-Blockchain Interoperability

C( )MIT shares similar properties to the internet: while the internet’s purpose is to share data between various isolated networks (LAN), C( )MIT facilitate the sharing of value between isolated ecosystems (Blockchains).

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C( )MIT enables atomic swaps using Hash Time-Locked Contracts (HTLCs).


No need for trusting third parties. Keep ownership of blockchain assets at all time


Global access without limitations to any asset or business process connected to a blockchain


C( )MIT supports multiple crypto assets such as BTC, ETH and ERC-20


Build your applications on top of C( )MIT using our simple API

Why Comit?

C( )MIT removes the need for trusted third parties when exchanging cryptocurrencies.

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No deposits. No counterparty risk. No custodial risk. And no extra token.

Your keys, your assets

A simple API for a complex protocol

Remove counterparty and custodial risk

No extra token, no extra blockchain

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