ItchySats - Roadmap to the most awesome Bitcoin DEX

The Vision: Reach for the moon? We reach for the stars!


We are building the first fully non-custodial, peer to peer Bitcoin DEX. - A "fully non-custodial, peer to peer Bitcoin DEX" - What does that mean?

  1. Non-custodial: No platform, no middle man - just you and your keys.
  2. Peer to peer: Trading partners are connected directly, no centralized instance.
  3. Secured on chain: Your positions are securely locked up on the Bitcoin blockchain.
  4. No counterparty risk: The protocol ensures your trading partner is fully backed - the margins are locked on chain for the duration of the CFD.
  5. Accountless: Start it up and trade. No account needed.

Hermes goes ItchySats


In this blogpost we introduce you to our latest project: Hermes, CFD trading using DLCs on Bitcoin. Other than project baru we decided to build on Bitcoin directly rather than building on the Liquid sidechain. We are teaming up with ItchySats for CFD trading directly on Bitcoin and support them with DLC research.

How to build a Monero transaction


Here's another post on one of our favourite privacy coins. This time we will take a look at the technical details of Monero transactions. Most of you will know that Monero transactions are confidential in terms of amounts and ownership of outputs, but here we'll explain what makes this work.

Borrowing without a middleman


DeFi is taking the world by storm. At the time of writing, there are more than 3.9M ETH worth of wrapped ERC20 tokens locked up as collateral in MakerDAO's smart contracts. A newer product such as MIMO has seen over 15M€ being invested in it over the past few days.

Because of DeFi's prominence on Ethereum, it would seem like Bitcoin is destined to miss out. Wrapping your bitcoin in an ERC20 token on Ethereum to access DeFi products is a possibility, but it doesn't appeal to everyone.

True DeFi for Bitcoin is starting to become a necessity.

We are hiring!



Did you lose your first Bitcoin at Mt. Gox? Are you annoyed about the lack of privacy in today's Internet? Do you think cryptocurrencies are the future?

At CoBloX, we are working on the financial system of tomorrow. We believe it has to be open and accessible to everyone, whilst also retaining privacy and putting the user first by giving them control over their money. We believe that only cryptocurrencies can achieve this which is why we see them as a fundamental building block for this system. In particular, we focus on cross-chain protocols like atomic swaps.

Project Waves: Swapping Sats on Liquid


"You can't stop the waves, but you can learn to surf.", Jon Kabat-Zinn

COMIT's vision is to have an open financial system - truly inclusive, censorship resistant and non-discriminatory. And we believe that Bitcoin is the most promising platform for such an open financial system due to its decentralization and its censorship resistance.

Ultimately we would love to see such an open financial system be built on top of Bitcoin, however, as of today, Bitcoin lacks privacy and only supports a single asset (BTC).

As mentioned in Project Droplet, we believe that Liquid is such a platform allowing us to build a financial ecosystem around Bitcoin. We see the possibility to build products such as lending and borrowing, prediction markets (option/futures) and even saving products. All of these share a basic building block: trading.