Version: 0.14.1


Actions show available behaviors an entity exposes.


  • Action


  • [ k: string]: any

Actions show available behaviors an entity exposes.




Optional class

class? : string[]

Defined in src/cnd/siren.ts:157

Describes the nature of an action based on the current representation. Possible values are implementation-dependent and should be documented.

Optional fields

fields? : Field[]

Defined in src/cnd/siren.ts:181

A collection of fields.


href: string

Defined in src/cnd/siren.ts:169

The URI of the action.

Optional method

method? : "DELETE" | "GET" | "PATCH" | "POST" | "PUT"

Defined in src/cnd/siren.ts:165

An enumerated attribute mapping to a protocol method. For HTTP, these values may be GET, PUT, POST, DELETE, or PATCH. As new methods are introduced, this list can be extended. If this attribute is omitted, GET should be assumed.


name: string

Defined in src/cnd/siren.ts:161

A string that identifies the action to be performed. Action names MUST be unique within the set of actions for an entity. The behaviour of clients when parsing a Siren document that violates this constraint is undefined.

Optional title

title? : undefined | string

Defined in src/cnd/siren.ts:173

Descriptive text about the action.

Optional type

type? : undefined | string

Defined in src/cnd/siren.ts:177

The encoding type for the request. When omitted and the fields attribute exists, the default value is application/x-www-form-urlencoded.