Version: 0.14.1




  • [ k: string]: any




Optional actions

actions? : Action[]

Inherited from Entity.actions

Defined in src/cnd/siren.ts:123

A collection of actions; actions show available behaviors an entity exposes.

Optional class

class? : string[]

Inherited from Entity.class

Defined in src/cnd/siren.ts:105

Describes the nature of an entity's content based on the current representation. Possible values are implementation-dependent and should be documented.

Optional entities

entities? : SubEntity[]

Inherited from Entity.entities

Defined in src/cnd/siren.ts:119

A collection of related sub-entities. If a sub-entity contains an href value, it should be treated as an embedded link. Clients may choose to optimistically load embedded links. If no href value exists, the sub-entity is an embedded entity representation that contains all the characteristics of a typical entity. One difference is that a sub-entity MUST contain a rel attribute to describe its relationship to the parent entity.

Optional links

links? : Link[]

Inherited from Entity.links

Defined in src/cnd/siren.ts:127

A collection of items that describe navigational links, distinct from entity relationships. Link items should contain a rel attribute to describe the relationship and an href attribute to point to the target URI. Entities should include a link rel to self.

Optional properties

properties? : SwapProperties


Defined in src/cnd/cnd.ts:188

Optional title

title? : undefined | string

Inherited from Entity.title

Defined in src/cnd/siren.ts:109

Descriptive text about the entity.