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XMR-BTC Atomic Swap - PoC to Prototype

Our mission is to connect all the blockchains, without adding yet another one. Our vision is that we believe in a censorship-resistant & non-discriminating open financial market for everyone.

Bitcoin is the major player in the decentralised financial ecosystem but has a traceability issue, stopping it to be truly censorship-resistant & non-discriminating. Monero is a privacy focused coin, it is fungible and non-traceable and the most used privacy coin [1].

These characteristics make XMR-BTC cross-blockchain applications a great candidate to push towards our vision.


At COMIT, we believe in an open financial system - truly inclusive, censorship resistant and non-discriminating.

We knew from day one that opensource software was the only way to achieve our vision, and we love opensource so it never was an issue.

However, we realised that while we licensed our project with open licenses [1] [2], there were other obstacles on the way to declare us truly open: