A closer look on Bitcoin scripts

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Satoshi Nakamoto

When I started at CoBloX a few weeks back, I faced a steep learning curve to master the RFC documenting the SWAP-Basic protocol. It's been almost a year that we published our original blog post. It described how HTLCs work and how they can be facilitated for atomic swaps between two blockchains. However, this blog post lacks the explanation of the Bitcoin HTLC, i.e. how the stack-based scripting language allows us to create HTLCs on the Bitcoin blockchain. Within this blog post I want to follow up on CoBloX's original promise:

To bring back knowledge and learnings back to the community.

May + June, 2019 - Dev Update

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.

Helen Keller

Lately, we have been very busy preparing for the TenX Genesis event that went down mid of June. All here at CoBloX were very excited to join our colleagues in Singapore for a full week of exchanging knowledge over beers and socializing events. We also gave a workshop on COMIT there, showcasing what we have achieved right until then.

April, 2019 - Dev Update

RIP Waffle.io - 16 May, 2019

I hope it won't become a habit that good tools are closing down 😢

The first month of Q2/2019 is already over - it's fascinating how time flies when you're having fun.

First, an outlook to next week: On Wednesday, May 8 2019 we are celebrating our 1st year anniversary as residents of Stone & Chalk, 1 year anniversary of having Franck and Lloyd with us; and, since last month did not mention it: Thomas had his 1 year anniversary a few weeks ago. It's been an amazing journey so far and I'm looking forward to what will come.

March, 2019 - Dev Update

RIP Google Inbox - 31st March, 2019

The only tool that lastingly changed the way I do emails.

It feels like we just started the quarter and here is already the 3rd dev update of this year, meaning Q1 is already over.

Connect all the Blockchains!!!

TL;DR: We did the (first) Atomic Swap between Ethereum and Bitcoin (using SegWit) on both Mainnets: BTC funding transaction: https://btc.com/ad067ee417ee5518122374307d1fa494c67e30c75d38c7061d944b59e56fe024 ETH contract creation: https://etherscan.io/tx/0xab28552e19ccd3d5c0701d4a7fa471c4e99a88a270df75c9af126b39f3d14200 ETH redemption: https://etherscan.io/tx/0xd90ae78006c04b944b44a8949cc487de33f01210d127f6b4efcb2d6e1b13b03c BTC redemption: https://btc.com/5800c704f139e388d4146be7110294470c8c17b34488544863a535d2346a4637

Since Bitcoin’s genesis block in 2009 a multitude of different blockchains have emerged. Each serving different purposes, from providing the means of payment, smart contract execution, identity management, logistic tracking or securing IoT.