We are hiring!



Did you lose your first Bitcoin at Mt. Gox? Are you annoyed about the lack of privacy in today's Internet? Do you think cryptocurrencies are the future?

At CoBloX, we are working on the financial system of tomorrow. We believe it has to be open and accessible to everyone, whilst also retaining privacy and putting the user first by giving them control over their money. We believe that only cryptocurrencies can achieve this which is why we see them as a fundamental building block for this system. In particular, we focus on cross-chain protocols like atomic swaps.

Your experience

The work we do requires interest in mathematics, cryptography, game theory, and software engineering. In particular we are looking for:

  • An experienced software engineer with a self-directed work attitude and a systems-thinking mindset
  • A deep understanding of blockchain technologies
  • Knowledge of distributed systems and p2p design concepts

Bonuspoints if you:

  • Are proficient in Rust
  • Enjoy developing software across the stack (frontend, backend, low-level)
  • Enjoy reading and writing white / peer-reviewed papers

Your profile

  • You enjoy solving hard problems
  • You have strong communication skills, specifically reading/writing in an async remote environment
  • You are based in Sydney, Australia or remote with a 5h overlap with UTC+10 (AEST)

How work at CoBloX works

Funded by the COMIT Foundation for the purpose of building tomorrow's financial system, CoBloX acts as an incubator for new ideas. At CoBloX, we work in projects that typically start with a PoC of some academic paper, for example the A2L protocol. If you come up with a novel idea, there is also room for writing a paper yourself.

Some ideas are promising enough to pursue an MVP which means taking the PoC and realizing a usecase with it.

In rare cases, we aim for the moon and spin off an entity to productize the idea. Alternatively, the next stage could also be a collaboration with other teams in the space to integrate what you have built into their product.

If an idea doesn't bear any fruits, we move on to the next one and try again. Our Offer

  • Above market-average salary
  • Full-time position
  • Flexible working hours
  • A young yet dedicated team
  • Flat hierarchies
  • Solving problems at the intersection of finance, cryptocurrency, and blockchain
  • Remote work environment
  • Showing your code to the world

How to apply

Drop us an email and tell us why you are the perfect fit to job (at) coblox.tech. Don't forget to add your CV including GitHub link or anything else that shows your experience.