XMR-BTC Atomic Swap - PoC to Prototype

Our mission is to connect all the blockchains, without adding yet another one. Our vision is that we believe in a censorship-resistant & non-discriminating open financial market for everyone.

Bitcoin is the major player in the decentralised financial ecosystem but has a traceability issue, stopping it to be truly censorship-resistant & non-discriminating. Monero is a privacy focused coin, it is fungible and non-traceable and the most used privacy coin [1].

These characteristics make XMR-BTC cross-blockchain applications a great candidate to push towards our vision.

We have already built a PoC that allows XMR-BTC atomic swaps [2], we are now aiming to take this PoC to the next level. This new project has two facets:

  1. Ensure that the software is usable on mainnet without fund loss.
  2. Understand the best usecase for Monero-Bitcoin atomic swap and define a product that fulfill said usecase.

The Monero Atomic Swap CCS

The Monero community recently funded a proposal to create software and library to support Bitcoin-Monero atomic swaps (project farcaster) [3].

We are keeping a close look to this project and have already approached and discussed with the farcaster team at several occasions. We are hoping to collaborate where we can and build a user friendly product on top of a unified solution. In the mean time, our prototype will be built on top of our PoC.

Where to find us

  • The #comit-monero Matrix room [4],
  • The comit-dev mailing list [5],
  • xmr-btc-poc GitHub repo [6].

Find the full announcement on the comit-dev mailing list [7].