Confidential Atomic Swaps on Liquid

A droplet is a small column of liquid, bounded completely or almost completely by free surfaces.

COMIT's mission is to have an open financial system - truly inclusive, censorship resistant and non-discriminatory. Such a financial system has to allow for exchange of funds between different market participants such as investors, lenders and borrowers in a trustless manner. Liquid [1] seems to be a promising platform for such marketplaces as it has built-in support for different assets in a single transaction while keeping amounts, addresses and assets confidential. These features used in combination allow us to create trustless and private atomic swaps, trustless loans and other financial products.

Confidential Atomic Swaps on Liquid

We are kicking-off a new project to look into Liquid's transaction format which would allow us to do true atomic swaps between two assets. This would allow us to have true trustless BTC/USD (using L-BTC and L-USDT) while all amounts, assets and addresses are confidential. This is huge as it is one step closer to a truly trustless and censorship resistant financial system.

If deemed useful, this might be the start of a longer series of R&D projects focusing on Blockstream's sidechain Liquid.

We are not the only one who found interest in Liquid: Cryptogarage is known for its research on bitcoin and has recently launched SETTLENET - a DEX on Liquid [2] and HodlHodl has started a product for lending on Liquid [3].

We are super excited about this, so stay tuned.

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