March, 2020 - Dev Update

The sky is everywhere, it begins at your feet.

— Jandy Nelson

Join us for today's COMIT Community ☕️ 7pm Sydney time, or listen in on youtube!

On today's community coffee we will reflect on the first quarter of this year with a focus on Lightning Network (layer 2) integration into COMIT. We will discuss technical challenges we encountered. Furthermore, we will discuss what we are planning to tackle in the second quarter, including decentralised order-book solutions.

We are moving fast. But sometimes things need time - the Lightning integration into the COMIT core is almost done... and will be finished soon. In order to speed things up for integrating Lightning we now have a squad of three people working on that task only. Once the Lightning integration epic is closed it's done! Stay tuned 🚀.

The proof of concept for Grin-BTC swaps was successfully finished by the end of March. In the second quarter we are now moving on to integrating the solution outlined in the proof of concept into cnd. We are very excited to be getting close to having privacy-preserving swaps powered by scriptless scripts in COMIT.

Throughout this last quarter we also invested time into using our own app development tools, to improve them and learn from them. You can have a first glimpse at the results - a BTC-DAI swap app prototype.

The documentation on is planned to be constantly improved and extended over the course of the second quarter. Additionally the homepage will get a new and improved landing page! 🦄

Happy hacking,

— Daniel